Drawing & Composition for Visual Storytelling


An E-Book on the art (and business) of storyboarding. It’s not just about animation storyboarding, it also covers live action, gaming, theme-Park boards, laser show boards and advertising storyboards. It reads somewhat like a textbook with a sense of humor. Exercises are grouped at the end of the book rather than with each chapter.


Also known as Leica Reels or Story Reels – this the visual story composed of all the consecutive storysketch panels that depict the action and staging of the story and made into an assembly with all the panels placed back-to-back with the recorded dialogue track. All scene cuts and transitions are shown and every shot is timed out by being displayed on screen for a certain length of time, sometimes some sound effects and special effects are added in as well. This allows for the directors and editors to see where they can trim down the episode or feature to an appropriate length of time. Once an animatic is complete, it becomes the vision of continuity that will drive the entire production from that point forward.

Study the staging and posing of Kevin Perry’s short film “The Arctic Circle” with this split-screen storyboard comparison : The Arctic Circle – Storyboard Comparison

Watch this split-screen comparison of a simple CG-animated commercial and how the storyboard/animatic was vital to the pre-vis and eventually the final composite of the piece. See the full behind-the-scenes breakdown here.

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